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What does it all boil down to? This big-deal presidential election process—what does it all boil down to?

My candidate is the liberal. My candidate is the conservative. The democrat, the republican. My candidate is the populist (whatever that is). What if I told you that it doesn’t matter who is elected? What would you say about that?

Well, that is almost exactly what I am going to tell you. And I promise you that I’m right. The problem that we have is altogether too huge for any human being to solve. It’s just too monumental. The best that any one of these good people could do is to take hold of the wheel of the Titanic.

Here’s the deal. We have accumulated nineteen trillion dollars in debt. It has more than doubled during the past decade. It is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars a year just to pay the interest. …And these loans are just about to be called. Foreign countries hold the paper on many of these debts. China is one of the largest. And so is Saudi Arabia. And there are many, many others.

Besides the huge debt, the US has signed up for what could easily be another one hundred trillion dollars in un-funded liabilities (those are promises for monies that have yet to be collected).

Because it would be possible to “default” on those un-funded liabilities (in other words, just stop paying the elderly social security, or various free health and human services). All such a default would amount to would be for a majority of politicians to lie at the same time, and take a vote. That being the case, let’s just forget about those liabilities, and concentrate on the loans—the nineteen trillion dollar national debt. Just how much do you think that is? Let me tell you.

If we could find a buyer for every piece of real estate in the country, and sell it for current market value, it would not pay off the loan. It would not even come close. And, believe me, if this loan is ever called, it would be a fire sale (possibly in the literal sense!). Under such distressed conditions, US real estate could easily have a negative value.

So, what does that mean? It means, my friend, that we do not have a snowball’s chance in a hot place of pulling this economy through. ZERO! That is exactly why expatriation is up 600% in the last decade. That is many times the highest in our history!

I recently (August 2015) heard Secretary of State John Kerry tell a group of businessmen that the US was forced [read: blackmailed] to accept the Iran deal by some foreign entity (Can you guess who that might be? You should need only one try). The leverage—the dollar’s Reserve Currency status. Now, if you don’t know what that means, I can’t really be of much help to you. Suffice it to say, when the dollar loses its Reserve Currency status, your $500K house suddenly is revalued to whatever the Chinese say its worth. My guess is that it will be devalued to about the cost of a nice meal at Ruth Cris (if you're lucky). Seriously. So, I would suggest that you enjoy that steak!

If what I have just written is true (and it is), then you should know that we are in deep crap. That’s why I say it doesn’t really matter who is elected to any office in the land—the result will be the same with regard to our financial well being. Would you say, at this point, that I am a pessimist? Well, I’m not. I am a realist, and an optimist. Yes, I am an optimist.

There is only one thing that can save this nation. That is a national revival—a national awakening. So far in our history we have had two. The first occurred around the time of our revolution (late eighteenth century). The second, during the civil war. We need a third. Without it, our nation is doomed.

But, with or without a great revival, our current economic status is unsustainable. Financially, we are coming down. It positively has to happen. That’s the realism part of my philosophy. What about optimism?

Here goes on the optimism: There has never been a major revival in the history of the church that has not been preceded by an enormous, cataclysmic political and/or economic event. Never. That’s why I am optimistic. I would gladly suffer a financial collapse if the end result was revival.

As far as politics is concerned—we get the leaders we deserve. It is that simple. And should we ever manage to elect one who was better than that, we would probably shoot him, or hang him on a cross. The very best we can hope for is a soft landing. In that respect, some leaders are better than others. Some will exacerbate the collapse, others have the desire and practical experience to make it work better than it might. But rest assured, the US economy is going to come down. What else comes down depends on what YOU decide to do about it right now.

My book, WIND, is the roadmap for this revival. It is available from Amazon, and Kindle. Please consider buying it. Whether or not you get the book, I will provide one article on this site every week until we have revival. If you like it, email the link to a friend, and put it on Facebook.

You may email your thoughts and comments to If you choose to email me, please know that I might print some or all of your thoughts on this site. If you don't like what I advocate, let me know.

Mike Carrier, M.A., NYU

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Some thinkers have already written America off. For instance, in 2008 Fareed Zakaria wrote a New York Times Best Seller entitled The Post-American World in which he outlined just such a scenario.

According to many academics and philosophers (such as Mr. Zakaria), America’s role as a leader in the world is on the wane. Even some of our current political leaders are looking to the rest of the world for guidance through our tough times. They are speaking as though America’s best days are long gone.

Well, perhaps they are right. Maybe it is time to give up and bow down to what the world wants us to do; to surrender our liberties, and our leadership. Perhaps it is time for capitulation.

But, we do have a choice. And the choice is clear and real. In earlier times, when faced with similar circumstances, America (and other God-centric countries) simply heeded the imperative stated in the Old Testament: "If . . . My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land" (2 Chron. 7:13-14).

Nothing could be more clear, or more simple. Within that short statement resides all that is required of us to find our way back. It has worked before, and it will work again.

This book explains in clear terminology how you can do your part to help bring about the restoration of our country through a Third Great Awakening.

WIND is a call for national revival—a clarion call.

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