Mistakes in WIND

I have found some mistakes in WIND.

Some have been pointed out to me by readers, and others I have found on my own. As I indicated in the book, I am very happy to learn about these things, as it will help me when we do revisions.

  • One reader pointed out that the subtitle of the book is grammatically incorrect. While I acknowledge that the reader is right, I intentionally took the liberty to phrase the subtitle as I did because it just looked better to me without the punctuation that would make it grammatically correct.

  • On page 132 (eighth line) I use "towards" where "toward" would be the more correct.

  • I made the same mistake twice on page 42.

  • In several places throughout Chapter 44 of WIND I state that I related the account regarding the Tigers game to only my wife and my pastor. But on pages 156-7 I wrote: "I told them the whole story" (meaning I told my children the story as well). Only one of the two can be correct. The fact must be that that I did tell my children the whole story. I have checked with them and they all tell me I did. I am, however, quite certain that I did not publish anything about it prior to WIND; but apparently I did blab more than I thought.  

  • If you find mistakes in WIND, please email us with them at revival.wind@gmail.com.





Mike Carrier, New Revivalist